Ceylon Fashion are bringing local secrets right to your doorstep.

Do you want to know our secret?

Ceylon Fashion is not just a fashion company. We are a creative and sophisticated fashion design company with a commitment to delicate craftsmanship and dedicated workmanship. Carried out completely in-house, highly experienced individuals hand weave quality local and imported materials to make our pure designs a reality, before distribution is handled by the rest of the dedicated team here at Ceylon Fashion – CF.UK. 

There is a demand in the fashion industry for high quality textiles along with the skills needed to produce them, and we have grasped this opportunity. 

CEYLON – known today as Sri Lanka – was known for creating some of the finest quality fashions the world had ever seen.  Our country has a history of designing and manufacturing for world renowned brands in the fashion industry and we seek to maintain this special part of our national identity. 

We pride ourselves on our heritage and we want to share this gift with the international community. We combine our locally made fabrics with imports of the highest quality to create a unique aesthetic for the individuals.

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